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New York Alt Arts Academy offers in-depth classes teaching creativity and shares resources for all aspects of the arts & entertainment industry. All classes are taught by industry professionals.

“I created the New York Alt Arts Academy because when I started out with my head full of ideas, I had no idea how to execute. There was never a place for me to go to get the answers I needed to get started, get creative, and make my dreams real. That place didn't exist, so I made it.”

- Dean Victor Varnado

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Dean of Students


Victor Varnado is a producer, filmmaker, comedian, writer, and cartoonist. Victor's work as a series creator has generated iconic firsts and cult hits like "Comedy Central's "The Awkward Comedy Show" a concert film that helped introduce the world to Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress. Also, "Realm of LARP" a documentary series distributed by Nerdist continues to be one of the most beloved productions delving into the world of live-action role-playing. Cartoons created by Victor have appeared in the The New Yorker and MAD Magazine.

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